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November 2020

FAANG stocks dominating S&P 500's return

As of November 4th, the FAANG stocks have accounted for virtually all of the S&P 500’s 8.2% YTD return.

November 2020

S&P 500 Performance Around Recent Presidential Elections

While Presidential elections can be a cause for uncertainty, the S&P 500’s performance leading up to and after election day has not been significantly impacted by the election.

October 2020

A Historical Run for Growth Stocks

Value stocks have underperformed Growth stocks by the largest magnitude and longest duration in 40 years.

October 2020

Technology sector driving S&P 500's 2020 returns

The Technology sector has contributed 94% of the S&P 500’s YTD return and currently has a 28% weighting in the index. The remaining ten sectors, on average, have contributed less than 1%.

October 2020

Income has driven the returns of U.S. investment grade corporate bonds over time

Price moves (i.e., rate and spread changes) may dominate in a given year, but over time, income has driven the returns of U.S. investment grade corporate bonds.

October 2020

Credit spreads becoming a much larger percentage of total corporate credit yield

As Treasury rates have fallen, spreads – the incremental yield between Treasury and Non-Treasury assets – have become a larger component of Corporate Bond total yields.

September 2020

S&P 500’s recent sell-off and recovery cycle was one of the fastest in history

The S&P 500’s recent sell-off and recovery cycle was one of the fastest in history, taking only six months to complete.

September 2020

Significant difference in Sector Weights of U.S. and developed international stock indices

There are significant differences in the sector exposures of U.S. and developed international stock indices. U.S. investors may consider looking abroad as a way to diversify their portfolios.

September 2020

Correlation of small and large cap returns in the S&P 500 at a low

The 30-day correlation of the S&P 500 market cap and equal weighted indices has fallen to an all-time low as the returns of smaller and larger companies has diverged.

September 2020

Technology stocks continue to outperform

Due to the continued outperformance of Technology stocks, the ratio of the S&P 500 Information Technology Index to the S&P 500 is approaching levels last seen during the Tech bubble.


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