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Navigating change when life happens

Ross Marino joins the podcast to discuss the best ways to guide your clients through these drastic changes in their lives.
August 2021

The most impactful financial decisions for your clients often come around some type of life event or transition – and for many, it comes at a time of heightened emotional state, either positive or negative. As a financial advisor, helping to meet your clients on level ground and produce a positive outcome from this change is key to your, and your client’s, success.

Ross Marino joins the podcast to discuss the best ways to guide your clients through these drastic changes in their lives. Ross will provide examples of these scenarios and discuss his series of four questions to answer before working towards a next-steps financial decision.


Ross Marino: Life happens. Change happens. I can’t control all of it, but I can definitely influence it. I can shape it. So I have to take the mindset that I have agency over some of what’s going on. I can make decisions. Just because whatever happened isn’t a good thing, doesn’t mean it isn’t a growth thing.


Ben Jones: Welcome to Better Conversations. Better Outcomes. presented by BMO Global Asset Management. I’m Ben Jones.


Emily Larsen: And I’m Emily Larsen. On this show, we explore the world of wealth advising from every angle, providing actionable ideas designed to improve outcomes for advisors and their clients.


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Emily Larsen: Today we’re excited to welcome Ross Marino, the CEO of Transitus Wealth Partners and Advisor2X. Ross has a lot of experience with change, and he and his co-author, Susan Bradley, decided to share their knowledge by writing a new book on the topic. The book title is Shaping Change: How to Respond When Life Disrupts Your Retirement Plan. Ross specifically chose to focus on the topic of change relative to the retirement plan, because oftentimes, advisors build the deepest relationships with their clients around big life transitions like retirement. Without further ado, I’ll let Ben introduce Ross.


Ben Jones: You know, I got to say, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing you now more than a decade, if you can believe that. And I feel like every time we have a conversation, we feed off each other’s. It’s like a rapid-fire book club is what it really ends up being. Now, I am curious. I do want to build a little bit of your credibility and credentials on this topic, because many people might look at all of your alphabet soup behind your name and say, “Well, he’s well credentialed,” but actually, you started your financial practice with a little bit of a change of plan. So maybe if you’d be willing, you can share a little bit of your personal history with having life happen and altering and adapting your plans.


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