U.S. Fixed Income

Based in Miami, BMO’s U.S. Fixed Income team employs both a top-down and bottom-up process across sectors, securities and yield curve positioning within U.S. fixed income markets. Their research-driven, time-tested, and repeatable investment process is designed to capture inefficiencies in the market and deliver outperformance across multiple market cycles.

An integrated team-based approach

Open dialogue across portfolio management, research and trading facilitates real-time relative value driven investment decisions.

An integrated team-based approach
Alpha from diversified sources

Employing a relative value framework, we believe value can be captured at the cross section of top-down and bottom-up disciplines, across sector, security and yield curve positioning.

Nimble with a singular focus

Our team’s culture and size affords us access, flexibility and real-time execution.

Transparent portfolio construction

We focus on cash securities and avoid leverage, shorting and credit derivatives with an aim to generate alpha from security selection. The result is a high level of portfolio conviction and transparency to investors.

Janelle E. Woodward
Head of Fixed Income
Adam Phillips
Client Portfolio Manager
Scott M. Kimball
Portfolio Manager
Frank J. Reda
Portfolio Manager
Ronald J. Salinas
Portfolio Manager, High Yield
Timothy Alt
Portfolio Manager

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