Multi-Asset Solutions Team

BMO’s multi-asset capabilities and funds are designed around helping investors meet their long-term investment goals. Our teams work to achieve the right balance between managing risks and grasping opportunities – both elements are important as we work to deliver the outcomes our clients seek.

The principle of diversification is a powerful one and each of our portfolios is made up of a blend of different asset types. Active management is key and strategic and tactical asset allocation as well as the selection of individual portfolio components all play a role.

Our multi-asset range includes risk-managed options providing scope for clear alignment with individual risk profiles as well as funds seeking to provide above inflation total returns.

Meet the Multi-Asset Solutions Team

David Logan
Head of Distribution, BMO Global Asset Management
Joan Mohammed
Chief Operating Officer, BMO Global Asset Management
Kevin Gopaul
Global Head of Exchange Traded Funds
Steve Ilott
Head of Investment Solutions, CIO North America
Richard Watts
Chief Investment Officer, BMO Global Asset Management
Phillip Enochs
Head of Distribution & Client Management, BMO Global Asset Management US, Head of BMO Global Asset Management U.S.
Ross Kappele
Head of Distribution & Client Management, BMO Global Asset Management Canada
Ravi Sriskandarajah
Head of Distribution & Client Management, BMO Global Asset Management APAC, Head of BMO Global Asset Management APAC
Chris Kunkle
Managing Director, Securities Lending
Ernesto Ramos, PhD
Managing Director
David Corris, CFA®
Head of Disciplined Equity, Portfolio Manager
Jason Hans, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
Thomas Lettenberger, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
Thomas Vester
Former Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, LGM Investments
Rishikesh Patel
Portfolio Manager
Irina Hunter
Portfolio Manager
Dafydd Lewis
Portfolio Manager
Janelle E. Woodward
Head of Fixed Income
Scott M. Kimball
Portfolio Manager
Frank J. Reda
Portfolio Manager
Adam Phillips
Client Portfolio Manager
Ronald J. Salinas
Portfolio Manager, High Yield
Tammy L. Li
Julie Kwock
Andre Villarreal
Joseph Magazine
Jenna Young
Steven Schneider
Joanna Lingard
Tony Cousins
Chief Executive & Chief Investment Officer, Pyrford International
Paul Simons
Head of Portfolio Management, Asia/Pacific
Daniel McDonagh
Head of Portfolio Management - Europe & U.K.
Suhail Arain
Head of Portfolio Management, North America
Robert Wimmel
Head of Tax-Exempt Fixed Income, Portfolio Manager
Thomas Byron
Senior Portfolio Manager
Brian Sipich
Portfolio Manager
Peter Arts
Managing Director, Global Head of Money Markets and Short Duration, Head of Private Debt, Head of Fundamental Canadian Fixed Income
Mark Heuer
Portfolio Manager
Boyd Eager
Portfolio Manager
Don McConnell
Senior Portfolio Manager
Jon Adams
Portfolio Manager
Mike Dowdall
Portfolio Manager
Irina Pacheco
Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager
Jay Kaufman, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
David Rosenblatt, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
Casey J. Sambs, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
Kenneth Conrad, CFA®
Portfolio Manager
Peter Moran
Portfolio Manager
Nabil Irfan
Portfolio Manager
Jun Yu
Portfolio Manager
Stefan Bain
Portfolio Manager
Damian Bird
Portfolio Manager
Christopher Darling
Portfolio Manager
Sam Mahtani
Portfolio Manager
Claire Franklin
Portfolio Manager
June Lui
Portfolio Manager
Robert Stapleton
Portfolio Manager
David Schmuck
Portfolio Manager
U.S. Fixed Income team
Kristi Mitchem
Chief Executive Officer, BMO Global Asset Management
U.S. Disciplined Equities team
Pyrford International
LGM Investments
Municipal Fixed Income team
Multi-Asset team
Responsible Investing team
Michael Gregory
Deputy Chief Economist and Head of U.S. Economies, BMO Capital Markets
Yung-Yu Ma
Chief Investment Strategist, BMO Wealth Management
Multi-Asset Solutions Team
Amy Dietz-Graham
Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Douglas Porter
Chief Economist, BMO Capital Markets Economic Research
David Sneyd
Vice President, Responsible Investment
Stewart Bennett
Global Head of Alternatives, BMO Global Asset Management
Ben Jones
Head of Intermediary Distribution
Emily Larsen
Head of Product Governance
Derek Sasveld
Director, Investment Solutions
Manju Seal
Head of Sustainable Finance Advisory, BMO Capital Markets
Nate Stading
Director, Regional Sales, Intermediary Distribution
Darryl White
Chief Executive Officer BMO Financial Group
Nalini Feuilloley
Director, Responsible Investment Team
Timothy Alt
Portfolio Manager
Michael Montgomery
Portfolio Manager
Short Duration Fixed Income team