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A cohesive, global view of macro-economics allows our local teams to implement and execute portfolios that are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.

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December 2019

2020 outlook: Less yin (dark), more yang (light)

Our outlook for 2020 is relatively positive for risk assets. Uncertainties remain, but some of the clouds have lifted and the economic landscape looks reasonably good.

October 2019

Fed issues third rate cut of 2019

The Federal Reserve Board cut the Fed Funds rate by 25 basis points during their October meeting -- the third rate cut since July.

October 2019

There’s politics and then there’s everything else

We believe the direct market impact from impeachment is low but the secondary implications could cascade into trade discussions and the 2020 election field.

May 2019

If inflation won’t change, perhaps the Fed will

If investors and the public do not understand or have confidence in the Fed’s strategy, inflation expectations could become unanchored.

January 2019

The balanced portfolio and the rumors of its demise

We disagree with the tone and finality of the rumors, but we do believe that expectations for balanced portfolios should be tempered in today’s environment.

April 2018

Time to downsize? Big potential in international small-cap

Though investors continue to pare down their spending on active management, international small-caps make a strong case for a slice of an investor’s active exposure.