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By considering long-term environmental, social, governance and ethical issues, we believe we are better placed to match our clients’ investment goals with what they value. For more than 30 years, our responsible investment approach has driven the creation of investment solutions and funds across sectors and geographies.

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October 2019

Climate change engagement: a framework for the future

Here we set out our climate change engagement framework, and how we translate the ambition of the Paris Agreement into expectations of companies.

January 2019

Raising the bar on data privacy

Technology is central to how we live our everyday lives today, but the pace of change in tech has significantly outpaced that of data privacy regulation.

October 2018

Blockchain solutions to ESG problems

The technology behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain, is rapidly demonstrating its potential as a powerful sustainability solution.

July 2018

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals through investor engagement

The link between the Sustainable Development Goals and engagement is one of the most direct ways that investors can see impact from the actions they take.

June 2018

Breaking bad: Business ethics in the pharmaceutical sector

Regulatory violations from corrupt employee conduct has emerged as a key concern in the pharmaceutical industry alongside product quality and safety.

June 2018

A focus on plastic

Plastic is a useful and valuable resource – but the pollution linked with it is destructive and unnecessary. We see ocean plastics as a significant risk.