U.S. Fixed Income team

Based in Miami, BMO’s U.S. Fixed Income team employs both a top-down and bottom-up process across sectors, secutities and yield curve positioning within U.S. fixed income markets. Their research-driven, time-tested, and repeatable investment process is designed to capture inefficiencies in the market and deliver outperformance across multiple market cycles.

U.S. Fixed Income capabilities

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December 2019

Live your best life

Our 2020 fixed income outlook: Near term, the environment is reasonable, but markets living their best life in 2020 may be expensive longer term.

November 2019

Elevating your bond experience: bond ladders vs. an active approach

While investors generally agree that fixed income is an indispensable element of most portfolios, there are different approaches as to how to invest in fixed income.

August 2019

Did the Fed just go Minority Report?

We believe the Federal Reserve is taking a risk — one we hope works — in shifting from reactive to preemptive monetary policy.

June 2019

BBB bonds: More Fortnite or Minecraft?

The increase in BBB bonds has been popularly framed as akin to the popular video game Fortnite — effectively a battle for survival against the odds. Is it?

September 2018

The case for U.S. middle market loans

In the middle market space, transactions are not syndicated due to the club nature of mid-market deals. As a result of this, obligors placed in BMO mid-market loan products tend to be highly differentiated from competitor offerings.

April 2018

A bond bear market? Bring it on!

Headlines have declared the end of the bond bull market for years. This ominous warning should be embraced by investors in the fixed income market.