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LGM Investments is an emerging market equities specialist operating as part of BMO Global Asset Management. With investment teams based in London and Hong Kong, LGM takes an active bottom-up approach to investment seeking out high-quality businesses trading at attractive valuations. The emphasis is on areas where the impact of drivers like urbanization and growing personal wealth are at their most potent – a bias that results greater exposure to domestically orientated businesses.

Pursuing stability and predictability

We seek to invest in stable, predictable business models, which exhibit quality characteristics such as strong cash flow generation, robust balance sheets, proven management teams and alignment with majority shareholders.

Long-term focus

We invest with a long-term, strategic perspective and do not engage in opportunistic behaviors

Unconstrained, bottom-up approach

Our bottom-up approach to portfolio construction yields benchmark agnostic portfolios with high active share.

Rishikesh Patel
Portfolio Manager
Irina Hunter
Portfolio Manager
Dafydd Lewis
Portfolio Manager
Christopher Darling
Portfolio Manager
Sam Mahtani
Portfolio Manager
Claire Franklin
Portfolio Manager
June Lui
Portfolio Manager

Emerging markets equities insights

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April 2020

What’s next for China?

June Lui, Portfolio Manager, BMO LGM Investments, gives an on-the-ground assessment of China’s economic backdrop and the impact on stocks.

January 2020

2020 outlook: Opportunity for active investors in emerging markets

There is in the region of 25,000 listed companies in developing countries. This is a very substantial searching ground for active investors. There are many best-in-class businesses, run by top quality management who have identified an opportunity and who have built fantastic franchises.

December 2019

Access for growth: Promoting responsible access to healthcare and finance in India

India’s vast untapped market for healthcare and financial services offers significant growth prospects for companies looking to serve it.

December 2019

Energy transition in developing Asia: Critical to the success of addressing climate change

We traveled to Thailand, China and Hong Kong to engage with 10 Asian energy companies to encourage actions aligning emissions to Paris Agreement goals.

August 2019

Country visit: India

The LGM team visited India - an exciting time to visit the country after recent elections. We believe the quality of local businesses is very high.

August 2019

Alignment of interests in emerging markets

The “principal agent problem,” also known as the “agency problem,” has existed since the dawn of civilization. There is a fundamental issue when the ‘agent’ is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the ‘principal’.

June 2019

Country visits: Chile, Peru and Mexico

During the first quarter of 2019, the LGM team kicked the tires in Chile, Peru and Mexico.

June 2019

Why responsible investing?

Only 15% of the world lives in developed countries, yet these countries represent over 40% of the world’s GDP. We consider this a great opportunity.

April 2019

Vietnam: The emerging China?

It’s very hard to visit Vietnam and not get excited about the opportunity. Looking at it today, there are many similarities with China 15 years ago.

April 2019

Controlling the controllables – why we prefer companies with little to no debt

We actively search for sound businesses with co-owners who understand the importance of the journey rather than the destination.


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Investing in emerging markets can be riskier than investing in well-established foreign markets.