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Our U.S.-based Disciplined Equities team combines the strengths of fundamental and quantitative analysis to build active portfolios spanning the market cap spectrum. In addition to the range of U.S. equity solutions, the Disciplined Equities team also applies this approach to international and global equity portfolios.


Active stock selection

Our research shows that stocks with certain characteristics tend to outperform. We seek to own fundamentally strong, attractively valued companies that have growing investor interest.


Thoughtful risk management

Risk management is an integral complement to stock selection and may support stronger returns over time when implemented thoughtfully. Managing risk properly requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted view of risk.

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Adaptive and proactive process

Market conditions play an important role in determining stock returns. A successful investment process adapts to evolving markets, identifying potential challenges as well as alpha-generating opportunities in an effort to generate consistent returns.

U.S. Equities insights

Global Equities
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August 2021

Diverging vaccination rates a concern for emerging markets

The recovery in emerging markets has taken a turn for the worse over the last two months. The IMF downgraded its GDP forecast for emerging economies by 0.4%.

When is Medicare right for me?

Peter Stahl returns to the podcast to discuss planning for retirement with means-testing and taxable income in mind.
Market chart YTD performance US vs non US stocks

YTD Performance: U.S. vs non-U.S. Stocks

While year-to-date returns for U.S. and non-U.S. equities have been in tandem for much of the year, the performance gap has widened in recent months.
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August 2021

August 2021 Fixed Income Market Update

It’s remarkable that after the first quarter, the worst for the Treasury index since 1980, broad bond benchmarks could deliver positive returns for the year.
Global Equities
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July 2021

The stock market is in perpetual motion

And so the merry-go-round continues. Government debt piles up whilst interest rates sink well below the prevailing rate of inflation. Real yields? A fading memory.
Fixed Income - Government Bonds
An overhead look at a highway interchange in the Los Angeles area
July 2021

Let’s make an (infrastructure) deal

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