Municipal Fixed Income

Our Municipal Fixed Income team utilizes the expertise of credit analysts to find value in the tax-free market. We believe income + inefficiencies + consistency = outperformance over time.

BMO Municipal Fixed Income

Experience through multiple credit cycles and a collaborative, open-dialogue approach drives our municipal investment strategies.

BMO municipal fixed income
Nimble approach

Our size allows us to be selective, especially with smaller deals that larger firms may not look at. At the same time, we are large enough to warrant attention from issuers.

Experience matters

Managing through multiple credit cycles means we don’t panic during market selloffs. And, the strong relationships we’ve built with broker/dealers help us source the right bonds at the right price.

The importance of credit analysis

We act as a team, and credit analyst recommendations are integral to our decision-making process.

Robert Wimmel
Head of Tax-Exempt Fixed Income, Portfolio Manager
Thomas Byron
Senior Portfolio Manager
Brian Sipich
Portfolio Manager

Municipal Fixed Income insights

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August 2020

Bluebirds fly

This month, we’ll focus on the strong recovery in the muni market over the second quarter, which proved to be illuminating to municipal investors on a couple fronts.

April 2020

The state of the municipal market

There will be an increase in defaults, but we believe they will largely occur in the muni high yield space of below investment-grade credits.

March 2020

A "quiet" week in fixed income

This week we saw the largest fiscal stimulus in U.S. history, significant monetary policy announcements from the Fed and T-bills go into negative yielding territory…and it felt like a quiet week!

February 2020

Cowabunga! What a year!

Typically, fixed income returns would be below average in the face of strong equity markets. But that was far from reality.

November 2019

Elevating your bond experience: bond ladders vs. an active approach

While investors generally agree that fixed income is an indispensable element of most portfolios, there are different approaches as to how to invest in fixed income.

January 2019

Why invest in tax-exempt premium bonds?

It can be difficult to see the benefit in paying more than par value for a bond, but investors should note that premium bonds offer potential advantages.

December 2018

Why invest in a national vs. state-specific municipal bond portfolio?

Conventional wisdom says that muni bond investors living in high-tax states should focus on owning bonds issued in their state of residence. Should they?


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Municipal securities are subject to risks including economic and regulatory developments in the federal and state tax structure, deregulation, court rulings, and other factors.