Short-Duration Fixed Income

Our short duration fixed income philosophy is structured with the belief that alpha is achieved by balancing a set of low-risk, time-tested strategies and by exploiting mispricings in term structure, market sectors and issue valuation.

Experience matters

Our team has extensive experience managing customized fixed income strategies across all bond market sectors.

Wide breadth of capabilities

Our team is experienced in taxable and tax-exempt strategies and instruments, with the ability to customize solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Integrated process

We employ a research-based and technology-enhanced process to build portfolios and manage risk.

Peter Arts
Managing Director, Global Head of Money Markets and Short Duration, Head of Private Debt, Head of Fundamental Canadian Fixed Income
David Schmuck
Portfolio Manager
Robert Stapleton
Portfolio Manager
Don McConnell
Senior Portfolio Manager
Boyd Eager
Portfolio Manager
Mark Heuer
Portfolio Manager
Michael Montgomery
Portfolio Manager

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