Manju Seal

Head of Sustainable Finance Advisory, BMO Capital Markets

Manju is the Head of Sustainable Finance for BMO Capital Markets, leading efforts with corporate and institutional clients to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into their investment considerations. She also spearheads broader Enterprise wide strategy and thought leadership around sustainable finance and ESG investment considerations.  She heads efforts at BMO for identifying impactful solutions around green/social bond underwriting, product development and other sustainable financing activities.  She is BMO Capital Markets lead for ESG matters and advisory.  She is a member of BMO Sustainability Council.  Manju is eager to bring leading developments and dialogues from the innovative world of sustainable finance and SRI.  She is excited to engage with leading experts who are advancing a global sustainability agenda for the financial markets for social and environmental good, including achieving UN’s 17 SDGs and investing in a better future.

Manju has over 20 years of professional experience including in institutional asset management and investment banking with an emphasis in structured finance, risk management and quantitative methods.  She has also provided transformative leadership, effective advisory, and corporate governance for nonprofits/social enterprises focused on social/environmental impact. Her unique combination of buy-side and sell-side experience along with demonstrated leadership in ESG matters brings distinctive and valuable perspective to listeners.  A polymath, she has master’s degrees in business administration, mathematics and ethnomusicology.