ESG knowledge shared: February 2021

Keep up to date with responsible investing in our monthly roundup of highlights – interesting events, articles we’re reading, podcasts and more.
February 2021


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Responsible investment is continuously evolving, driven by the research and insight that fuels new discussions. Keep up to date on your responsible investing knowledge using our external ‘top picks’ of content. See what content our team have enjoyed in the last month and access thinking across third party events, articles, video and more.


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Total becomes the first oil major to leave the American Petroleum Institute over its stance on climate policies

A significant move that is likely to mark the beginning of an exodus from the trade group?

Biodiversity and Supply Chain Rank Among Biggest ESG Themes in 2021

2020 created headaches and headwinds for many within the context of a global pandemic. But the tough environment shone a light on ESG investing, which has entered the mainstream. So did the ‘S’ of ESG, as investors press for diversity and racial equality.

Investors talk deforestation

It’s often assumed that renewable energy and energy efficiency are the most important climate change solutions. But what about nature-based climate change solutions, such as forestry and agriculture?

‘Competence greenwashing’ could be the next risk for the ESG industry

Across the financial sector, ESG-related skills are now being considered essential in terms of securing a growing number of newly created positions in the industry. With this comes an increase of professional ESG certifications, short-term sustainable finance courses, and sustainability-related leadership programmes. But awareness does not equate to expertise – so what can firms do to address this potential imbalance?

Ceres welcomes news of Gary Gensler as the nominee pick for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

With his impressive track record at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and U.S. Department of the Treasury, Ceres argue Gensler is uniquely placed to galvanize strong inter-agency collaboration on the study and regulation of climate risk, to protect investors and the public.

Pension funds need a radical re-think

The FT argues fragmented schemes with limited investment horizons are detrimental to savers and the economy. Is it time to consider a radical transformation, away from employer-based pensions towards large, permanent vehicles that can pour money into infrastructure and private equity?

Environmental Debt Risk Is Bigger Than Japan’s GDP

Moody’s has some really bad news for industries with assets in harm’s way…and their bondholders.

Harvard Law Corporate Governance Survey – 2020 Proxy Season Results

This annual survey covers a wide variety of corporate governance practices and data for S&P 100 versus Silicone Valley 150 companies, where the needs and circumstances of these companies can be quite different.

Dutch pension giant ABP sets responsible tax expectations for portfolio companies

In doing so, it joins a growing governance trend encouraged by the PRI and some institutional investors.

Use our handy glossary to look up any technical jargon you are unfamiliar with.

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