Portfolio Solutions

Our all-in-one multi-asset portfolio solutions deliver investment outcomes to meet your goals, whatever they may be.

Why invest in BMO Portfolio Solutions

Our portfolios give you one-ticket access to well-diversified multi-asset solutions, within the convenience of the mutual fund structure. They are actively managed by BMO’s Multi-Asset Solutions Team (MAST).

MAST recognizes that asset allocation is the primary driver of long-term performance1. They determine each portfolio’s strategic asset mix, with the flexibility to rebalance allocations tactically to reduce risk or exploit market opportunities. They implement these allocations by carefully choosing the underlying funds and their weights in the portfolio.

ETF Portfolios

The six risk-differentiated portfolios provide cost-effective broad-market exposure. Market research, ETF selection, asset allocation, portfolio monitoring and rebalancing are all taken care of.

Solutions to meet your long-term portfolio needs

Whether you aim to accumulate wealth, to draw down savings, or to save for your child’s education, our portfolio solutions can deliver the investment outcomes you expect.

ETF Portfolios

The six risk-differentiated portfolios provide cost-effective broad-market exposure.
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Managed Portfolios

BMO Managed Portfolios offer tailored solutions to achieve your unique financial goals, resulting in a smoother ride to your investment destination.

Retirement Portfolios

Expertly crafted portfolios designed to optimize your retirement savings by focusing on risk management and performance excellence.
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Target Education Portfolios

Our portfolios make saving for education smart and simple, helping to grow your investments for your child’s future.

Benefits of portfolio solutions

A solution for any need

We have portfolio suites to match a variety of investor needs and long-term goals. Or you can use one of our portfolios as a core investment in your larger strategy.

A team of professionals

Fund selection, asset allocation and ongoing monitoring and rebalancing – regularly performed by a team of professionals

Easy diversification

All-in-one portfolio of mutual funds and/or ETFs in a single fund, diversified by asset type and region


Risk / return optimization

The portfolio building process focuses on optimizing returns for any given level of portfolio risk.

Ease of access

Because they are run as mutual funds, you may access them from an initial investment of $500 and subsequent contributions of $50.

Available for registered investment plans (series dependent)

Your team of portfolio-building professionals

Our portfolio solutions are managed by BMO’s Multi-Asset Solutions Team (MAST). Led by Marchello Holditch, CFA, CAIA, the team is comprised of a diverse group of investment professionals with disciplines in macroeconomics, quantitative modeling, portfolio construction and fundamental analysis. Together, they focus on the art and science of asset allocation. MAST manages over $50 billion of assets (as at January 5, 2023: source BMO GAM).

Get to know the BMO GAM Multi-Asset Solutions (MAST) Team

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BMO Multi-Asset investment strategy - the Five Lenses process

MAST uses a multi-step process, referred to as the Five Lenses strategy, to define their long-term investment outlook.


The process begins with strategic asset allocation, based on long-term assumptions for expected returns, standard deviations and correlations of various asset classes. This establishes the team’s longer-term views (i.e., 4 to 5 years) which in turn informs the neutral asset mix for each portfolio’s risk-return profile.


As market conditions change, the team’s short-term views (i.e., 3 to 12 months) may differ substantially from their longer-term views. This is when MAST employs their tactical asset allocation decisions, which then forms part of their risk management framework.

First, they decide which asset class (equity, fixed income and/or cash) they want to have overweight or underweight allocations to within each portfolio’s asset mix.


Next, within both equities and fixed income, they decide whether to adjust geographic weightings or other exposures (for e.g., high yield vs. corporate bonds). This is then followed by a decision on whether there are certain styles or factors that also need to be adjusted.


The process concludes with the implementation of these changes – by adjusting the weighting of current holdings in underlying mutual funds, ETFs, and/or alternative investment products, through the sale of existing holdings or purchase of new holdings.

Lens 1

Asset Mix

Lens 2

Asset Class – Equity

Lens 3

Asset Class – Fixed Income

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Start investing with us

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If you are an investor, please speak to your financial advisor about including one or more of our mutual funds in your portfolio.

Portfolio solutions FAQs

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  1. Source: Brinson, Singer & Beebower, Financial Analyst Journal, 1991

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