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The BMO ETF Portfolios just passed the 10-year mark.

Over the decade, the portfolios have been tested: by geopolitical events, a global pandemic, and some of the most dramatic regime shifts across equities and fixed income ever seen. Through it all, we followed a disciplined framework, leveraging the full strength of BMO GAM’s fundamental and quantitative research capabilities.

The value proposition of cost-effective broad-market ETF exposure, delivered with the financial planning benefits of a mutual fund and active asset allocation will continue to benefit investors for the next ten years and beyond.

Kristi Mitchem
Steven W. Shepherd, CFA 
Director, Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Solutions Team

10 years of milestones

What were you doing in 2013? 10 years can seem like a long time, yet it can feel like a blink of an eye. It is good to stop and look back at the milestones passed and achieved.


Six mutual fund portfolios were launched, with a focus on active asset allocation and an extensive investable universe of underlying ETFs. Asset Allocation team was established to focus on managed solutions.


Asset Allocation team, established a year prior, focuses on managed solutions.


Active currency hedging capabilities were added, using forward contracts, to provide enhanced tax efficiency and reduced cost.


Quarterly Investment Forums were established, to integrate insights and views from within BMO GAM and across other BMO entities, including BMO Economics, Capital Markets and Private Banking.


Five Lenses Framework was introduced, to provide a monthly summary of collective house view across major asset allocation decisioning.


The Asset Allocation team transformed into the BMO Multi-Asset Solution Team (MAST), coincident with expanded global reach of intellectual capital applied to house views.


The Five Lenses framework was revamped to include factors/styles.


AUM reached $10 billion across the 6 portfolios.


Strategic Asset Allocation process was revamped, leveraging quantitative analysis to generate revised long-term capital market assumptions. This resulted in reduced exposure to Emerging Markets, increased credit weighting and the introduction of cash as a tactical lever.


Tactical framework was created to allow for more opportunities to add value.


Option strategies were expanded to help enhance returns and provide better downside protection.

BMO ETF Portfolios are structured with the investor in mind.

These six risk-differentiated portfolios invest in ETFs to provide you with cost-efficient solutions to help you create and manage your long-term wealth. The ETF Portfolios leverage the insights of BMO GAM’s Multi-Asset Solutions Team, as well as the insights of the 100+ other fundamental and quantitative investment professionals of BMO GAM.


BMO GAM takes care of many of the functions investors find time consuming, such as market research, ETF selection, asset allocation, ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing. This simplifies investing and gives you peace of mind knowing your investments are with a trusted partner.

Benefits of investing in BMO ETF Portfolios 

All-in-one solution 

Engineered for precise asset class exposure, utilizing the full range of BMO ETFs

Actively managed 

Portfolio managers continually monitor, adjust and rebalance portfolio allocations to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities.

Mutual fund structure 

The structure allows financial planning tools like regular contributions and withdrawals, and for the use in registered accounts.

10 year track

A proven track record of performance with comprehensive risk

Low cost 

Using ETFs as building blocks means that these portfolios are a cost-effective solution for the cost-conscious investor.

An all-in-one ETF-based investment solution

BMO ETF Portfolios offer a full suite of risk-based solutions, each with a strategic asset mix, making it easy for you to choose the right portfolio.
BMO Global Asset Management builds diversified portfolios using BMO’s ETFs from around the world to produce returns that meet a given level of risk while seeking to avoid the lows of volatile markets. Investors can select a portfolio based on their individual investment goals and objectives. BMO ETF Portfolios use ETFs to more efficiently access the market.
Fixed Income graph with 0-5% Equities and 95-100% Fixed Income

Fixed Income

For investors who want to preserve capital. There is limited exposure to equities which act as a means for some growth over the long-term.
Income graph with 20-30% Equities and 70-80% Fixed Income


For investors who want capital preservation as well as exposure to equities to enhance the potential for long-term capital growth.
Conservative graph with 30-45% Equities and 55-70% Fixed Income


For investors who want some capital preservation, but also want to participate in the growth potential of equities over the long term.
Balanced graph with 50-70% Equities and 30-50% Fixed Income


For investors who want to participate in the long-term growth potential of equities, but also want protection against volatility by holding fixed income.
Growth graph with 70-90% Equities and 10-30% Fixed Income


For investors looking for higher growth potential over the long-term, but still want some fixed income in their portfolio to protect against volatility*.
Equity Growth graph with 95-100% Equities and 0-5% Fixed Income

Equity Growth

For investors looking to maximize the long-term growth potential of their investments while also accepting the volatility that comes with equities.
* Volatility is a Measures how much the price of an asset fluctuates.

Your team of portfolio-building professionals

BMO Multi-Asset investment strategy - the Five Lenses process

Lens 1

Asset Mix

Lens 2

Asset Class – Equity

Lens 3

Asset Class – Fixed Income

Lens 4


Lens 5


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