BMO Carlyle private equity strategy partnership

Private Markets. Simplified. Single point access for Canadian accredited investors to globally diversified private equity portfolio through an investor friendly format.

Why private equity?

Private equity asset class provides exposure to privately held companies that are drawn from the 80% of the economy that isn’t publicly traded1, and traditionally has only been available to large institutional investors. Private equity has historically been the highest returning2 segment of private markets and consistently outperform3 the public market.
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Most large U.S business today are private

Companies with US$100M+ revenue1
Chart showing companies with US$100M+ revenue

Private Markets benchmarks

10 year IRR for period ended Q2 20232
Chart showing private markets benchmarks

Private Equity vs. Public Equity market equivalent

(Historical return, CAGR %)3
Chart showing private equity vs. public equity market equivalent

BMO Carlyle private equity strategy

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Pure private equity
Global private equity solution designed as a return enhancer, while maintaining near-term liquidity.
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Carlyle platform
Partnered with Carlyle, a top 5 private equity manager4, and AlpInvest, its Global Investment Solutions business.
Private Markets. Simplified.
Investor-friendly, evergreen solution: fully invested, no capital calls, no reinvestment risk, monthly subscriptions and relatively low investment minimum.
Fund is expected to be available in Spring 2024

About Carlyle

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Carlyle (NASDAQ: CG) is a global investment firm with deep industry expertise that deploys private capital across three business segments: Global Private Equity, Global Credit and Global Investment Solutions (“AlpInvest”). With $426 billion of assets under management (AUM) as of December 31, 2023, Carlyle’s purpose is to invest wisely and create value on behalf of its investors, portfolio companies and the communities in which we live and invest. Carlyle employs more than 2,200 people in 28 offices across four continents.


Global Private Equity
US$161Bn AUM


Global Credit
US$188Bn AUM


Global Investment Solutions
11334, 11336, 29162, 11330, 11335, 11331

Meet the BMO Global Asset Management Alternatives Team

11334, 17037, 11331, 17036, 11335, 12199, 17041, 17035, 11531, 17032, 11336

For general enquiries

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1 S&P Capital IQ, December 2022; Statistics of US Businesses; Bain & Company analysis.

2 Preqin – 10 year horizon IRR’s benchmarks for the period ending Q2 2023

3 Preqin – Private Capital Quarterly Index, June 30, 2023.

4 Forbes – by Assets Under Management (AUM) incl. Global Credit business segment, December 1st, 2023


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