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Disruptive innovation is shaping the future. Now Canadian investors can own the future with three new and disruptive innovation funds by BMO in partnership with ARK.

ARK’s research is centred around the belief that five innovation platforms are evolving and converging simultaneously to create dramatic cost declines, unleashing incremental demand across sectors and geographies—and spawning more innovation.

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ARK’s five innovation themes

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Machine learning has the ability to transform all sectors of the economy.

Energy storage

Innovations in clean energy storage will be paramount during the global transition from fossil fuels.


Advances in automation should one day transform many physical processes and workflows.

DNA Sequencing

The clinical adoption of genome technologies could vastly reshape the health care industry.

Blockchain technology

Corporations will likely have to adapt as blockchains call into question their very structure.

Our suite of BMO ARK innovation ETFs

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BMO ARK Innovation Fund ETF Series (ARKK)

ARKK invests in companies that represent the best risk-reward opportunities from ARK’s investment theme of disruptive innovation.

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BMO ARK Genomic Revolution Fund ETF Series (ARKG)

ARKG invests in companies with exposure to DNA sequencing, including gene therapy, bio-informatics, bio-inspired computing, molecular medicine, and pharmaceutical innovations.

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BMO ARK Next Generation Internet Fund ETF Series (ARKW)

ARKW invests in companies that focus on or are expected to benefit from the increased use of shared technology, new payment methods, or internet-based products.

Investment process: combining top-down and bottom-up research

ARK’s investment team identifies disruptive innovations and convergence across markets using an open research ecosystem. This top-down approach to ideation enables the team to track evolving themes, calculate demand and pinpoint opportunities.

Simultaneously, ARK’s bottom-up analysis aims to select the companies best-positioned for long-term growth. Each decision is based on a proprietary calculation and comprehensive five-year valuation models. Cathie Wood, CIO and Portfolio Manager at ARK, has the final accountability for all investment decisions.

Adjustments are made to support ongoing risk management, changes in conviction and market volatility.

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We believe that innovation is key to growth in a portfolio. According to our research, the global economy is undergoing one of the largest technological transformations in history, displacing industry incumbents and creating new leaders, enablers, and beneficiaries of disruption innovation.

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ARK Innovation ETFs FAQs

Why is innovative technology an investment theme in focus?
Why is genomics an investment theme in focus?
Why is “next generation internet” an investment theme in focus?


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