Introducing FCCP II

Private equity provides broad exposure to the economy. Middle market companies drive the Canadian and US economy1 2 with less concentration risk than public markets3. North American private equity market benefits from stable deal flow4 and strong relative performance5.


FCCP II provides investors with access to a diversified, middle market portfolio through a traditional closed-end private equity strategy.

Why invest in FCCP II?

Private equity solution

FCCP II is a closed-end private equity solution that blends primary, secondary, and co-investment opportunities from difficult-to-access managers

Middle market focus

Investment strategy focused on middle market buyout sub-sector, benefitting from lower reliance on leverage, a robust exit environment, narrower competition, and higher historical returns than large-cap buyouts7.

Established track record

Predecessor funds established in Nov’19 and Sep’20 with consistent asset mix and return profile8. FCCP II, like its predecessor, is only available to institutional investors and investment advisors and counsellors within BMO Private Wealth channel.

BMO GAM Private Equity’s value-added approach

FCCP II includes diversified investment types to create a vehicle
with lower all-in fees and enhanced return potential.

The chart showing diversification across private equity investment types

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