BMO Retirement Portfolios

Everyone is unique, as is their path to a healthy retirement. We have built portfolios for the life you have envisioned for your golden years.

Preserve your money today, to grow tomorrow

Investors have different goals, time horizons and tolerance for risk. BMO’s retirement portfolios work alone or as a group to help meet the unique goals you have set for your retirement.

Our approach focuses on more consistent returns, while providing both capital preservation and growth potential, to ensure your retirement portfolio is as healthy and active as you are in your golden years.

Benefits of investing in BMO Retirement Portfolios

Capital preservation

Move beyond traditional assets to preserve your capital. BMO offers solutions that help protect portfolios from sudden shifts in markets.

Diversify investments

Multi-asset strategy that is flexible, diversified and hedged against significant market declines. BMO uses ETFs, options, and fixed income to the asset mix to diversify.

Reduce uncertainty

Market volatility takes on greater significance if you are near retirement. Our portfolios help limit the uncertainty so that you can enjoy your long retirement.

Grow wealth

Realize more consistent growth potential to fund your retirement lifestyle by benefiting from our geographic exposure, diversification, and risk management.

Discover the portfolio most suitable for you

Your dream retirement won’t happen on its own. Choose the BMO retirement portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and retirement goals.

The chart showing BMO Retirement Income Portfolio Chart

BMO Retirement Income Portfolio

For investors seeking the most conservative asset allocation with capital preservation and some potential for growth.

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The chart showing BMO Retirement Conservative Portfolio Chart

BMO Retirement Conservative Portfolio

For investors seeking a conservative asset allocation with capital preservation and an increasing focus on growth.

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The chart showing  BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio Chart

BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio

For investors seeking a balanced asset allocation with capital preservation and a focus on growth.

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BMO’s investment approach to achieve your retirement goals

Fixed Income

We focus on globally diversified fixed income with tactical allocations to provide opportunistic growth. We manage duration to protect against the potential of rising rates and reduce currency risks via dynamic hedging strategies.

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BMO Risk Reduction Equity Fund

We have a dynamic option strategy that aims to protect downside risk while maintaining growth potential. We gain equity exposure with significantly reduced volatility. We use a proprietary process based on fundamental research and the market environment.
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Global Equities
We use equity factor-based ETFs to target the risk-adjusted returns of securities. We focus on low volatility ETFs, while including high quality and full market ETFs under stronger growth market conditions. We opportunistically target specific geographic exposures.
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Start investing with us

Financial advisors, please contact your regional wholesalers, or call us on 1-800-668-7327

If you are an investor, please speak to your financial advisor about including one or more of our mutual funds in your portfolio.

Retirement portfolios FAQs

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Commissions, trailing commissions (if applicable), management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the fund facts or prospectus of the relevant mutual fund before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and past performance may not be repeated. Distributions are not guaranteed and are subject to change and/or elimination.

For a summary of the risks of an investment in BMO Mutual Funds, please see the specific risks set out in the prospectus.

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