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Our wide selection of tools simplifies tasks like ETF/Fund comparison and risk assessment, facilitating smart investment decisions.

Select up to five ETFs or Funds and analyze them on criteria like performance, risk, fees, holdings, and asset mix to find the right fit for your portfolio.
Analyze top ETFs on factors, such as volatility, asset class, past performance, and geography to identify investments that align with your goals.
Identify ETFs with significant holdings in your favorite stocks. Simply add the “Exposure” criterion in our ETF Screener tool to get started.
Know the largest and most liquid ETFs with this tool. Streamline your research process and identify ETFs that’re popular and have attained scale in the industry.

ETF/Fund overview

Gain valuable insights with this feature. Type in the ETF ticker symbol or ETF/Fund name in the search box to know fund objectives, its allocations, and total returns.
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ETF distribution history

Type the ETF ticker or name in the search bar and then click on “Distribution” to get insight into the income potential. Analyze funds’ distribution history and frequency.

ETF recent trades

Search by ETF ticker symbol or name in the search box and then go to “Recent Trades” to find the latest trading history of ETFs across all Canadian exchanges.

ETF quote with news and insights

Stay ahead with our ETF news tool. Enter the ETF ticker symbol or name in the search bar to get the latest news with quotes to make informed investment decisions.