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Our team is committed to accessibility, collaboration and thought leadership, and these turbulent times are no different. We will continue to provide insights, strategies, solutions and updated forecasts at your fingertips. In addition, we are running open line conference calls to keep the dialogue open. We remain here to help you. We can navigate this instability together.

Stay informed: Weekly touchpoints with our PMs

To ensure you stay informed and can continue to add significant value to your clients, we’re setting up re-occurring weekly touchpoints with our Portfolio Managers, giving you direct access to them.

Podcast: Coaching clients through uncertainty

In an effort to support your client conversations during these times, we recorded this special episode with Steve Sanduski full of actionable ideas to help both you and your clients thrive during and coming out of this period.

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Vice President, National Accounts

Patience can pay off

Even after the two worst drawdowns in the last 25 years (tech bubble and financial crisis), investors who avoided selling would have likely recovered their losses within 5 years or less.

Market charts - Patience can pay off

Amounts shown are in USD. For illustrative purposes only.

Returns are not symmetrical

It becomes increasingly difficult to break-even on investments following a substantial drawdown, making downside protection an important consideration.

Amounts shown are in USD. For illustrative purposes only.

Historical volatility

Recent volatility occurred quickly but is still within historical norms. Despite an average intra-year drawdown of 15% over the last 20 years, the S&P 500 finished positive in 15 of 20 years.

Market chart - Recent historic volatility still within calendar year norms - Chart image

Amounts shown are in USD. For illustrative purposes only.

BMO may help smooth the ride

These BMO solutions have the ability to invest in asset classes that offer both defensive and offensive potential, positioning the portfolios for performance in any market.

Strategies to consider in a recession - Mutual Funds

BMO Dividend Fund

  • Focuses on larger, well-established companies which have a long history of paying and growing their dividends
  • Largest sector weight in financials to capture cyclical recovery
  • Includes U.S. equities to diversify the portfolio

BMO Global Dividend Fund

  • Focuses on key business metrics to seek growth, predictability, and sustainability
  • Largest sector weight in technology to capture emerging economy
  • Largest country weight to the U.S. with strongest underlying market fundamentals

BMO Low Volatility Canadian Equity ETF Fund

  • Diversify from cyclical sectors
  • Select lower volatility securities within sectors
  • Excellent diversification from the concentrated Canadian market

BMO Tactical Dividend ETF Fund

  • Takes advantage of temporary pricing dislocations
  • Combines top down macro analysis with technical signals
  • Unconstrained fund to best position the portfolio

BMO Tactical Global Asset Allocation ETF Fund

  • Unconstrained mandate provides flexibility during periods of major market uncertainty
  • SIA Wealth has the ability with specific market signals to move to cash and cash equivalents
  • Rotates asset allocation using SIA’s unique Equity Action Call

BMO Concentrated Global Equity Fund

  • Invests with high conviction in the best ideas equities
  • Selects companies with a long term time horizon and strong growth potential
  • Captures market returns with less downside risk 

Strategies to consider in a recession - ETFs

BMO’s Low Volatility ETFs

  • Beta measures an investment’s sensitivity to market volatility. Low Beta investments can provide lower risk than the broad market while still providing growth opportunities.
  • BMO’s Low Volatility ETF strategies use Beta as the primary investment selection and weighting criteria.

BMO Tactical Dividend ETF Fund

  • Dividend ETFs tend to outperform over the long term with less volatility than the broad market.
  • BMO Tactical Dividend ETF Fund combines active, tactical management with passive dividend paying ETF investments.

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Achieving sustainability in the food production system

David Sneyd is joined by Jo Raven from the FAIRR Initiative to discuss the progress that is already underway to create a more sustainable food production system, including the rise of alternative, plant-based proteins in the food supply chain.

Achieving sustainability in the food production system

David Sneyd is joined by Jo Raven from the FAIRR Initiative to discuss the progress that is already underway to create a more sustainable food production system, including the rise of alternative, plant-based proteins in the food supply chain.

November 2020

Next level client education: a winning strategy

Innovating to attract clients, Scott Bonertz and Thomas Diederichs, portfolio managers, Raymond James, developed a unique academic approach. These partners share their successful strategy – and explain how education and financial planning can be a winning combination for Advisors.

November 2020

Betting on cautious optimism – Q4 “five lenses” update

As autumn turns to winter, both upside and uncertainty hang in the air. The market recovery, which began on March 23, has caused a divergence in performance between sectors, asset classes and geographies. For timely guidance on asset allocation, Fred Demers, Director of the Multi-Asset Solutions Team (MAST), delivers an update on markets using BMO’s proprietary “five lenses” approach

November 2020

The estate wedge: a new way to build value

Advisors looking to expand their business and bring meaningful, value-add solutions to their clients should look to the “estate wedge” strategy, according to Richard Poulin, Director, Intermediary Distribution, Niagara, who outlines how to make this a reality by building awareness and taking a targeted approach to client segmentation.

November 2020

November Monthly MAST Commentary: Reset at the White House and Good News on COVID-19 Vaccine

Removal of U.S. political uncertainty and positive news on a COVID-19 vaccine should ensure a robust economic and earnings recovery in 2021 even though mobility is likely to be restrained this winter.

November 2020

The focus narrows, but too close to call

Election night clarity was probably too much to hope for.

October 2020

IMF: "Keep the fiscal taps running"

The IMF has emphasized the need for greater public investment in the ‘post pandemic’ phase of the recovery.

October 2020

November nail-biter?

Given the current structure of the race, a Democratic presidency looks likely, coupled with a very slight Democratic edge in the Senate.

October 2020

The U.S. Presidential Election Still Looms, But Risks of a Wild Night Have Eased

Election uncertainty, while still elevated, has improved.

October 2020

Missed opportunities in buying and selling a book

As the industry adjusts to the new normal, many Advisors are wondering if the time is right to exit or snap up a new book of business. Seasoned IA-turned-consultant, Jerry Butler, Founder and President of Queenston Consulting, provides an overview of the succession planning environment, and offers tips on how both sides can make the best deal possible.

October 2020

Why balanced funds are still relevant

In a market with all the makings of a downturn, many are questioning the efficacy of a traditional 60/40 split between equities and fixed income. According to veteran bond expert Andrew Osterback, Portfolio Manager, BMO Global Asset Management, the true challenge is knowing where in the investment universe to allocate. Together with equity commentary from Michael Hughes, Portfolio Manager, Guardian Capital, the argument is that conventional bonds remain what they have always been – reliable.



Commissions, management fees and expenses (if applicable) may be associated with investments in mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Trailing commissions may be associated with investments in mutual funds. Please read the fund facts, ETF Facts or prospectus before investing. Mutual funds and ETFs are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

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